Welcome to our home page Biaca perla

We live near by a smal vilage called giethoorn.

Its a beautyful and lovly place.

We live on a farm,whit a lot of space for our tatradogs.

in 1987 i meet my first tatra,and i instantly fell in love whit tihs wonderful breed.

I start to look for information by sveral breeders .

We now breed for more then 20 years .

Over the years  we bought serveral tatras from different breedlines ,to start our ow bloodlines.

We try to bred healthy and typical characteristic podhalaners ,to our bst capicity

tatras whit good behaviour ,without losing their nateral instincts

We like to show our dogs,manny dogs from our breed has being suksesfull on shows ,and  their won 1 our more titles

Over the years whe exported different pupies to countrys like ,Poland , Germaine ,Austria ,Zweden ,Danmark ,Belgie , Amerika and France

We hope our dogs help to provide different genes for the breed.

And keep our breed healthy for the future

We hope you have enjoy the website.

If you would like anny information about the tatra or our pupies from our kennel ,Feel free to contact us.

We are willing to help you when  ever we can

Thank you for visit our website

Roelof and Natasza